He Knows My Name

We do not pick and choose who comes, we are only to help them to see that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. That this is a safe place, where our uniqueness is welcomed and accepted, and that we can always find common ground between us and our neighbor. 


Quilts and Sundaes

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday! The sun was shining, there were Deacons in the kitchen, cake and ice cream being served, families and graduates all around, and lots of laughter, smiles, and catching up. There was a lightness to the fellowship that occurred yesterday, and for some, it was like a family reunion!... Continue Reading →

Friends, Faith, & Volleyball

Last night was our last Friends in Faith for the year with this group of people. It was a beautiful night, and we had some good conversation, and I think the youth and their friends are ready to work on their faith projects for the fall. Last night, I was reminded of what a phenomenal... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Mother's Day has always been a day that I try to connect with my mom. But I know many people who do not have good relationships with their moms, friends who have lost their moms, friends who's moms are fighting to live, women who feel alone, and women who feel loved and all across the... Continue Reading →

Networking and the NWSWI

Ministry is a unique job/career. You are on small staffs, and one of your key coworkers is also your boss/supervisor. The people you serve are in essence also your employers because their contributions is what allows you to have a job and get a paycheck. Yet, ultimately, you are working for God. So ministry is... Continue Reading →

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