Make A Difference (A Night with Rachel Kurtz)

Last night was a phenomenal evening! There are so many moments that I would love to hold onto.

Rachel Kurtz came to the end-of-the-year Midweek Celebration at Our Saviour’s. We spent the afternoon and evening celebrating the year, the people who helped make it happen, and where we are going from here.

This last year I have been blessed to build relationships with many of the youth of Our Saviour’s. They have blown me away in their willingness to try new things, to dig into what the word says, and to make memories with each other.

At the concert, I saw some youth who I have had to many times ask to stop interrupting  – be the ones asking others to be quiet.


I saw boys and girls who normally want to sit in the background get up and dance.



I saw young kids who rarely interact with others, mingle during the songs.


I saw youth step up as leaders to share their faith stories and to help during the worship service.


I saw our high school youth set the example for what it means to welcome others with arms wide open.



I saw a high school boy come back after deciding this concert was for him when people started messaging him.

I saw people stick around and mingle afterwards.
I saw people being thanked for their service this year as volunteers in the ministry.
I saw people reminisce from years long ago.
I saw friends laughing and sharing and taking pictures.
I saw, and heard, young and old alike talk about how fast the year has gone by and it was a great year.

But most of all, I saw that the Holy Spirit is definitely at work in this place. I saw people open to each other and relationships grow. I saw that we, each and every person at Our Saviour’s, are making a difference in this place for our young people.


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