Thrivent Financial is a Christian non-profit that is focused on helping their members live a life that blends faith, finances, and generosity.
Thrivent started out many years ago as two separate organizations, Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood. These two groups were formed in response to needs in the community. Through the years they have continued to grow, and in 2013 it was voted to extend the common bond from Lutheran to all Christians.

At Our Saviour’s, we have many people who are members of Thrivent, but many may not know what benefits they have because of their membership to Thrivent.

We met with JD on Sunday afternoon to talk about what some of these benefits are, and how members can use these benefits to help our congregation, without doing much more than they do on a regular basis. They call these benefits, the ABC’s of Thrivent (as described below with links to the Thrivent website). We had a wonderful lunch, conversation, and even participated in an action team to put together care kits to give to homeless or at-risk people when you may not have money to give. We learned a lot about Thrivent and about each other. Thank you JD for joining us!

A. Action Teams

Each benefit member of Thrivent is given 2 action teams a year. These can be used for service events, fundraisers, or educational events. Each action team comes with a $250 gift card for seed money! This money can be used to purchase supplies for a project, food for a meal, or so much more!

The sky is the limit with these action teams. If you have some that you are wanting to find ways to donate, we have projects and events throughout the year at Our Saviour’s that we would love the gift of an action team. (These teams are also how we get the LIVE GENEROUSLY shirts)

B. Thrivent Builds

Thrivent and Habitat for Humanity have joined forces to put together builds around the world. They’re combined mission is to help families build the foundation of successful futures and economic independence. There are 3 ways to help with builds, building new homes, repairing homes, and around the world.

C. Choice Dollars

Thrivent is a non-profit organization. So each year, they have to give away so much money. As an organization, there are a top-# list that they will choose. However, they offered to let members help decide where some of these dollars get donated. Members can choose where the money they generate from their products goes to. Each member may have a different amount to give, but when many people pool their resources, a big difference can happen.

As a member, you simply direct where you would like your choice dollars to go. You can do this online or by phone!

If you have any questions about how you can access your benefits or how you can help Our Saviour’s with your membership to Thrivent, or how you can become a Thrivent member, please email our church office ( or call the church office (715.723.6048)


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