Sitting with YOUth

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reaching out to our middle and high school youth. The offer is simple, you give some time, and I will take you for ice cream, coffee, a meal, your choice!

If you are still interested in getting your treat, let Shannon know!
We’ll be continuing these through April 2017.

The response has been wonderful! In two weeks, I was able to sit down with 16 youth. We made small talk, we learned about each other, we shared stories. Each one has a unique story to tell, and many of these young people showed a side of themselves that in 9 months at the church, I hadn’t seen or experienced! And all it took was an hour of my day with each of them!

And then I listened. I asked each one of them a question: If you could add or change one thing about our youth ministry, what would it be and why?

I heard such a wide variety of responses! From more time to just “be” to wanting more intensive bible study times. From time to spend with friends/peers to wanting to spend more time in Cross+Generational groups. I look forward to bringing their thoughts to our Youth & Ed Board, but more than that.

In yesterday’s sermon, Pastor Paul talked about the importance of small talk and authentic conversations. I challenge each one of our members to make small talk with one of our youth this month. (If you don’t see them on Sunday mornings, feel free to join us on Wednesday evenings anytime from 4pm-7:15pm) And I challenge each youth to make small talk with someone at least 10 years older than them – that isn’t their immediate family!

As we focus on “Unbinding Your Heart” and evangelism throughout the rest of Lent, what stories will you uncover if you take one hour to ask the questions and listen?



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